Tuesday, August 3, 2010

D'oh - and one delicious pizza.

I just realized there is an apostrophe in "Bakes" in my header. That's what I get for not checking those kinds of things. I will have to fix that as soon as I get back to my other home.


To continue with my fig and bacon trend I made a fig and bacon pizza that was pretty good and would have been better if it were not for 2 details: undercooked bacon and too many tomatoes. The pizza started out as a BLT pizza - a favorite of someone's, but that is another story.

Cherry Tomatoes Sliced Fig

THIS pizza contains cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, bacon, figs and mozzarella cheese. All of the produce and meat is from the farmer's market! I used the cherry tomatoes as my "sauce," and then topped that with the rest. The key to getting this pizza right though is the bacon. I liked to fry it until it is almost done, done enough that baking in the oven for 7-10 minutes will finish it. This makes it so the rest of the fat dissolves into the cheese giving the whole pizza a bacon-y flavor. That topped with figs makes for a nice pizza with a bit of a sweet edge.

Recipe (not that you really need one):
1 pizza dough (recipe coming eventually)
Bacon, figs, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes to your liking
Mozzarella cheese (also to your liking)

1. Slice the cherry tomatoes and put them on first as your "sauce."
2. Put about half of the cheese you want on your pizza next
3. Top with sliced tomatoes, very finely sliced bacon (cooked like above), and figs
4. Finish with the rest of the cheese
5. Bake for 7-10 minutes at a high temperature (450 or higher)


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